sAngels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!

Angels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!
You are reading this blog because your soul knows you are Galactic Federation of Light Ground Crew. We came to Earth to help humanity ascend with Gaia to the higher dimensions. May this blog inspire you during this extraordinary time (please use discernment - posts are my opinion only).
Onwards and upwards, fellow Ground Crew members!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Stand-by mode

It's our first cold gloomy day - winter is my least favorite season so today I need all the encouragement I can get. Thank goodness for Sheldan Nidle's latest message which is so positive and uplifting:

This morning I said to a soul sister that I want to change my thinking from 'waiting for events' to 'stand-by mode'. Stand-by mode has a strong sense of purpose - it signifies that at any moment I will be called into active service for the last phase of this great mission.

The Galactic Federation is very reassuring about world events and the glorious times we have just ahead of us. We are not being told what is happening for a good reason, therefore enduring the news silence is part of our mission role. Not long to go!

Love, Light, Laughter and Joy, fellow Ground Crew members...
The best is in the Now.



  1. "Stand-by Mode" is much better than waiting. I will adopt that term, too, because I have always hated waiting.
    Stand-by mode feels far more constructive. Thanks again dear soul sister XX

  2. It is interesting how pro-active stand-by mode feels compared to waiting, which is quite passive and reactive. We want to stay in a pro-active attitude which heightens our state of readiness...

    Much Love and Light