sAngels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!

Angels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!
You are reading this blog because your soul knows you are Galactic Federation of Light Ground Crew. We came to Earth to help humanity ascend with Gaia to the higher dimensions. May this blog inspire you during this extraordinary time (please use discernment - posts are my opinion only).
Onwards and upwards, fellow Ground Crew members!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

You work for humanity

This latest intel summarizes current events: 'If you can't see this reality coming, or something very similar, you're in complete denial of current and/or historic events...'

Those are strong words but I totally agree. Spirit has always said that world peace will herald the introduction of the new financial system and we appear to be within hours of that momentous event. Let's face it, the Hillary/Trump election has been a total fiasco. NZ journalists described it as 'the most bizarre US election ever'.

It will be a huge relief to humanity when the new Republic is announced shortly, the global currency reset gets underway, and NESARA/GESARA is introduced world wide. These things will happen! So keep your vibration positive and calm, and remember that you are here to work for humanity.

Love, Light, Laughter and Joy, fellow Ground Crew members...
The best is in the Now.



  1. Keep'n on keep'n On my friend. This election is not bizarre at all, it is the same thing as usual uncovered by the light for all to see.... Yeechhh. :)

  2. Good point, Greg. Yeecchh indeed!