sAngels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!

Angels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!
You are reading this blog because your soul knows you are Galactic Federation of Light Ground Crew. We came to Earth to help humanity ascend with Gaia to the higher dimensions. May this blog inspire you during this extraordinary time (please use discernment - posts are my opinion only).
Onwards and upwards, fellow Ground Crew members!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Santa's Day...

When channelers start sharing the same messages, I sit up and take notice: The long article is written by Richard (One Who Believes) who appeared recently on the intel scene and has quickly become a trusted source.

I listened to Zorra's Christmas Day message in which he explains how the 0800 numbers were meant to be released last night but the communication link between Baghdad and Washington DC was sabotaged by cabal minions. Prime Creator has always intended that the GCR take place on 'Santa's Day'.

There are still several hours left of 'Santa's Day' and if the GCR should not eventuate tonight I feel very confident that it will manifest before 1st January. The Chinese Elders would not allow the old financial system to run into a new year. So not long to go now, friends!

Love, Light, Laughter and Joy, fellow Ground Crew members...
The best is in the Now.


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