sAngels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!

Angels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!
You are reading this blog because your soul knows you are Galactic Federation of Light Ground Crew. We came to Earth to help humanity ascend with Gaia to the higher dimensions. May this blog inspire you during this extraordinary time (please use discernment - posts are my opinion only).
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Saturday, August 20, 2016

The value in waiting (Part 2)

This morning I identified another benefit of waiting - it gives me 'time' to acknowledge that I am just playing a role in an elaborate 3D game. That recognition frees me from bondage to the 3D game before it ends. Therefore the game has no dominion over me.

For instance, I have found it hard to live alone - I love company, even though I also love solitude. This morning I saw that I am only playing a role of being alone, like an actor in a play. In fact, when I go to sleep every night, I step off the stage and resume my real life in Spirit.

When you identify with the fact that you are an actor, and this lifetime is just a role, the detachment frees you. You can see the exciting possibilities of your true reality as a galactic multi-dimensional being. You are not trapped here at all!

Love, Light, Laughter and Joy, fellow Ground Crew members...
The best is in the Now.



  1. post on my blog Boat Rocker: "So what about Channeling? Bat shit Crazy? or natural as breathing?"

  2. Greg
    I am discovering that 'channeling' (talking with Spirit) is now almost as easy as breathing. The veil creating the illusion has gone. We are sitting here with nothing between us and Spirit except our doubts and fears. Release them and we are One with all, at any time.
    Love and Light