sAngels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!

Angels in the ships in the skies...freedom for all humanity!
You are reading this blog because your soul knows you are Galactic Federation of Light Ground Crew. We came to Earth to help humanity ascend with Gaia to the higher dimensions. May this blog inspire you during this extraordinary time (please use discernment - posts are my opinion only).
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Friday, July 29, 2016

Welcome new blog readers!

New blog readers, welcome! The readership has increased exponentially recently - it is so good to have you join us. We are friends from all over the world, unrestrained by borders and passports, supporting each other as humanity ascends from the third dimension to the fifth dimension.

If you have not already seen it, I urge you to watch Dr Steven Greer's excellent 'whistle-blowing' full length movie Sirius. It details the background to how the cabal created slavery on Earth and strangled the life out of humanity, forcing us to spend our days working to feed their greed.

The research is astounding and the death toll of brave lightworkers who died to bring us the truth is sobering. It's a must watch.

Love, Light, Laughter and Joy, fellow Ground Crew members...
The best is in the Now.



  1. Great news! Thanks Sierra for all you do. I send you beautiful intentions of great abundance and wealth.

  2. Thanks Greg, and I send you the same beautiful intentions - I wish for you the same abundance and wealth on all levels.
    Love and Light